Monday, August 16, 2010

And she's off...

(I know I promised a blog on Christian marraige.  I will get to that.  It just happens that I didn't get to it before this MAJOR event in our family's life.  For now, this is what is on my mind; so this is what I need/want to write about.)

Last Friday, we moved Brooke to Campbellsville University.  All of us went to help her get settled.  I'm sure we were quite a sight as all six of us paraded into her apartment/dorm.  It was a day full of a wide spectrum of emotions for everyone in our family.  Most of all though, it was a day ordained by God in Brooke's life for her to transition into this new phase of her life.  I want to share the day with you through pictures.

Brooke and I spent the morning taking care of last minute business around Shepherdsville.  Then, she came home and finished cleaning her room.  This may just be the cleanest her room has been since she moved into this particular room.  (I didn't, however, take pictures of the dust she left behind.)

Getting a big hug from Daddy! 

There were a couple of times throughout the day that were more difficult than the rest of the day.  Leaving the house Friday morning was one of those times...for all of us.  While we were...and excited for Brooke and what is to come for her, just the thought of how different our home will be without her here everyday was hard to take in.

I had the time of the trip there to gather my thoughts and get a hold of my emotions.  I spent the hour plus a few minutes mending Brooke's 'quiltie' that she has had since she was born.  It is literally worn out!  It was a great distraction for me.  I must admit that I am not a seamstress, though, and I did not get it completely mended by the time we arrived at Campbellsville University.

We spent the first hour at CU buying Brooke's books.  OUCH!  We were able to get all used books except for 2 or 3.  Still...OUCH!  Praise God for used books, though!  I can't imagine how much it would have been if we had to buy all new...and I did not even bother looking at the new prices.

Brooke was able to check in with her RA around 1.  Brooke and Gayla took care of all the business of moving into the dorm, while Blake, Cody, and Dale carried all of Brooke's stuff up to her room.  We worked for hours...about 6...arranging and rearranging and rearranging again.  Doug made a couple of trips to the store for things we forgot or didn't realize she would need.  [Just so you know...when you buy lamps, you really should consider buying light bulbs, too! :) ]  Brooke organized and decorated.  It was fun to watch her and help her.  It was such a blessing to have the whole family there working together to get everything accomplished for Brooke.  (There were stressful moments, too...but a blessing still!)


Once all was finished, Brooke's room looks great!  It's very Brooke!  She still wants to add some posters and such, but she can do that as she finds posters that suit her.

We had a few minutes to just relax before heading out to dinner and a little bit of shopping.  I am so thankful for how close our kids are.  Although they have their moments when they fight and fume, they truly enjoy each others' company.  I loved watching them cut up and have fun with each other!

Hard work leads to hungry boys!  We all headed to Pizza Hut for supper.  Again, it is just a wonderful blessing watching our kids love each other.

Then it was time...time to take Brooke back to her apartment/dorm/room (I'm still not sure what to call it) and head home.  UGH!  I was not ready for this.  I had done so well all day.  I could feel the prayers of all of my wonderful friends and family lifting us up.  But then, I could feel it. I was on the verge of not being able to hold it all together.  The boys all said their good-byes/see you laters and headed to the truck.  Doug and I stayed in the living room with Brooke.  Doug led us in a prayer.  It was a beautiful moment of the three of us snuggled together praying for God's peace and protection. 

God is so good and He is faithful!  While I have had times of tears over the last several days, I have also had wonderful peace about Brooke being at CU.  We firmly believe God has led Brooke to CU and has a plan and a purpose for her being there. Knowing that means that we will praise Him even when we're missing her.

I'm clinging to Philippians 4:6-7...
Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.



  1. This post made me tear up as I was reading it! I am so excited for Brooke! This is a wonderful time in her life. I can understand how you can be going back and forth with your emotions. You are excited for her and sad for your family and how different your home will be. Change is hard! How wonderful that you can trust in God - there is NOTHING outside of His control!

  2. I love this Cindy! Thanks so much for the blog! It breaks my heart to see Shelby get on the school bus by herself. I can only imagine how hard it will be to send my girls off to college, but a joyful time too :)