Saturday, May 22, 2010

8th Grade Dance

Doug and I just dropped Dale and his girlfriend, Megan, off at their 8th grade dance.  It is yet another milestone in this year of lasts.  It has been a lot of fun watching our baby get excited about this event.  He took great care in choosing just the right suit, with the perfect hat, and then together we searched for just the perfect tie to go with Megan's dress.  I must say that he looked so very handsome!  I had to smile when I realized that he was not only excited, but he was also a tad bit nervous. 

Here are a few pictures we took before dropping them off at the dance.  They looked quite cute!

Doug pinning on Dale's boutonniere. 

Here are a few pictures of Dale before we left to go pick up Megan.

Of course, the picture taking continued once we arrived at Megan's.

Then, we were on our way!

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