Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boredom and Cameras

Alrighty, so I went outside a few weeks ago (i guess it was before a storm or something) and the sky was super grey on one side of the house but the sun was shining on the other side. This created a really awesome look outside so I figured I'd take a few pictures...

Then I started to just play around with the camera and its settings. :) I actually got some pretty cool pictures.

(I liked how you could see the tree and sky in the mud. lol. :-D )

After I took pictures for awhile, I uploaded the pictures to my computer and started playing around with the photo editing program on my computer. It isn't very high-tech or anything, but its good enough for me. :-D I played around with a few pictures I took and messed with the colors a little bit.

So, basically I got bored one day and messed around with a camera, then decided to share some of my bored-ness (is that a word? Oh well. :-D) with you.

Brooke :-)

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