Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Family, friends, and cookies

Last year, we started a tradition with dear friends...Beth and Callie (Tim and Nolan come along, too)...of getting together to make and decorate Christmas cookies. We have bunches of fun and make a big mess! Between the dough, icing, and sprinkles...LOTS of sprinkles...the evening is full of cooking and creating fun!

Brooke created this cookie just for me--a sugar cookie mommy!

Then, last night Brooke decided it was time to make gingerbread cookies. She wanted the whole family to participate; however, the boys just kind of came and went throughout the evening. Usually, they 'came' by the table to sample the cookies or icing. Now and then, they would help. For most of the evening, it was Brooke, Doug, and me cutting out various sized gingerbread people and then decorating them. We had a fabulous evening. Once again, the mess was a sure thing! Something about Brooke and flour means there is going to be a mess...usually on someone else.

If we don't get a chance to post before Christmas, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. Welcome to blog world ladies! Looks like you had a blast making your cookies - what a fun tradition!