Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fruity Spinach Salad

I decided (well my ever-tightening clothes helped me decide) to go back on Weight Watchers. This will be my second week back. In the first week, I lost 3.7 pounds. :) I was quite happy about that!

Anyway, I'm participating in a challenge to try at least 1 NEW healthy recipe a week to keep things fresh on our menu. We tried two things tonight. One was called Baked Chicken and Veggie Marinara. It was very good. The other was Fruity Spinach Salad. I've included the recipe below because it is so simple and so scrumptious! I should have taken a picture of it to show you, too. It is a pretty salad with the dark green of the spinach, the light green of the cucumbers, the orange, and the dark red of the craisins. All four of our kids liked it, and that really says something! Each of us had a different preference for the kind of dressing we liked on it, but Raspberry Pecan dressing (I get it at Kroger) is very good on it. For tonight's supper, I did not put the chicken on the salad. However, with chicken it would make a great lunch!

Here it is...enjoy! (The recipe is for an individual serving. Adjust for the amount you want to make for yourself or your family.)


-2 oz diced chicken breast (est 2 pts)
-1.5 cups spinach (est 0 pts)
-sliced cucumbers (est 0 pts)
-1/2 C prepackaged mandarin oranges (Est 1 pt)
-1/3 cup craisins (est 2 points)


Spinach on the bottom. Everything else on top. Or toss it all together.

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